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United Chemical makes the best specialty pool solutions in the industry. Built upon a foundation of educating customers, United Chemical products are designed to make pool care easy. Founded in 1983 by former Pool Service Professional and Chemistry Guru Jock Hamilton, United Chemical continues the philosophy of customer care and education while providing safe, effective and powerful products. Our goal is simple; we want to make your pool the best place to be.

Featured Products

Swamp Treat
Product Code - 1
Turns a Swamp back into a Clean Pool in under 24 hours! • Most P...
No Mor Problems
Product Code - 2
No Mor Problems® is the ultimate solution to providing....
Pool Stain Treat
Product Code - 3
Pool Stain Treat has the strength to remove...
Black Treat
Product Code - 5
Black Treat has the strength to control Swimming Pool...
Scale Treat
Product Code - 10
Remove Scale and Give Your Water that Sparkle Scale Treat...
Super Stain Treat
Product Code - 12
Super Stain Treat is your hero for....
No Mor Muriatic Acid
Product Code - 222
No Mor Muriatic Acid® is the only.....
4 in 1 Clear Treat
Product Code - 111
The Clear Answer to a Cloudy Pool