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Easy Alkalinity

Salt Treat
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Product Code - 17

The Easy way to Raise Alkalinity

Easy Alkalinity® makes pool water balancing easy by only raising Alkalinity – not pH

Easy Alkalinity® is a unique balancer formulated to raise your pool’s alkalinity significantly while only moderately affecting your pool’s pH.

Most balancers affect both pH and alkalinity. This creates a problem when you have one parameter of your pool’s balance just right, but need to adjust another. This usually involves “see-sawing” back and forth trying to get both pH and Alkalinity balanced – wasting time and chemical.

Easy Alkalinity®’s concentrated formula raises alkalinity with only moderate affect on pH, saving you time and money.

Quick Specs

Use: Water Balancer; raise Total Alkalinity

Compatible with: All types of swimming pools

Chemical Type: Powder

Available Packaging: 1 lb. bags

Dosage Rate:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Easy Alkalinity® work?

A: Easy Alkalinity® formula contains concentrated carbonates (what Total Alkalinity measures) without being too basic; this allows you to raise your Alkalinity significantly while only moderately raising the pH.

Q: How much will Easy Alkalinity® raise Total Alkalinity?

A: One pound will raise the Total Alkalinity of 10,000 gallons of pool water by approximately 10ppm.